The Maya Homeopathic Practice

The Maya Homeopathic Practice is a popular South London homeopathic practice. Our strong local reputation is based on our success with patients and our commitment to homeopathy as a path to long-term health for all.

Our partnership enables us to support each other so that we are constantly available. We have become familiar with each other's patients and style of prescribing so that we can both act as an emergency locum. This also means we can give each other a second opinion if needed.

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ros floyd

Picture of Ros Floyd

Ros Floyd is the mother of three adult children and lives in South London. After graduating from LCCH in 1992, she followed a two-year course with the Dynamis School run by Jeremy Sherr, involving the proving of several key new remedies.

She has more recently attended seminars related to the Sensation Method, an approach of Indian homeopath Rajan Sankaran. Ros is regularly invited to host workshops for community groups, and she hosts seminars for other homeopaths. She is particularly experienced in the treatment of behavioural problems in young children.

"Most of us dream of winning the lottery. I won the lottery when I met Ros my homeopath over 14 years ago." Read More Testimonials...

Veronica Rago

Picture of Veronica Rago

Veronica started her career training to be a doctor at Guy's Hospital Medical School in 1976. It was here that she was introduced to homeopathy when Dr. Alec Forbes, a very wise GP and homeopath, came to give a talk. This was so inspiring that she then knew that she could never limit her practice to the allopathic model and she decided to leave medical school and eventually trained as a homeopath.

Veronica also has ten years of experience in social work with the accompanying insight and skills in community outreach and counselling.

She continues to attend seminars and courses to enhance her personal and professional development.

"After discovering you, I sent my friends to 'this AMAZING' homeopath, they are all still with you too, and now I recommend you to my clients." Read More Testimonials...