• your homeopath will be on call for crises.
  • You will have a homeopathic birth kit of remedies.
  • Your birth partner will have met with your homeopath to be reassured about prescribing.
  • Delivery will be drug free and the baby can be delivered onto the mother's abdomen to start the reflexes that initiate breastfeeding.

In reality...

events may deviate from your birth plan but we can help if you stay in touch.

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Useful Pages

Homeopathy for healthy pregnancy and birth

Homeopathy is a natural, safe and effective way of optimising your baby's health. Most mothers understandably have concerns about drugs during pregnancy, but homeopathic remedies are completely safe at any stage of pregnancy and lactation. Being a holistic therapy, homeopathy is not only about finding a remedy as a 'quick fix' but is a long term investment in your constitutional health.


The benefits of both parents becoming as healthy as possible before conception by improving diet, giving up smoking etc. is commonly appreciated. However, we also use homeopathic prescribing for both parents prior to conception . In the same way that babies are born with distinctive personalities and character traits, they can also have predispositions to certain ailments, for example, snuffles, vomiting, eczema etc. Homepathy is unique in addressing these natural susceptibilities.

Pregnancy: the emotional side

Pregnancy is a wonderful opportunity to examine your life, your relationships with your parents and siblings, your ease with physical affection etc. Homeopathic prescribing offers support in adjusting to such radical life change. Emotional upsets such as the shock of suddenly discovering pregnancy or dealing with ambivalent feelings in both partners can be addressed. Ideally this would happen pre-conception but it's never too late! Homeopathy is remarkable for transforming the issues of family dynamics: e.g. the jealousy of older siblings.

Pregnancy: individualisation

The First Trimester

There are commonly prescribed remedies for 'acute' conditions such as nausea and exhaustion and these are available over the counter. However, only a skilled homeopath in a full one-to-one consultation can identify the most appropriate remedy for you. The picture changes so rapidly that frequent check-in is most effective.

The Second Trimester

is often the time when a pregnant woman is feeling at her best, blooming in all senses, as the movements of the baby start to be felt. There is an optimum moment at about 24 weeks, when constitutional treatment is particularly beneficial.

The Last Trimester

can be an uncomfortable period, owing to the size of the foetus; remedies can help with typical problems, e.g. indigestion and varicose veins. The routine use of some popular remedies such as Caulophyllum for the last month, to ease labour, is not wise as it may lead to complications for some.

Tissue Salt Programme

In addition to individual prescribing there is a programme of tissue salts which supplement any deficiencies of mineral salts. During pregnancy the baby will require certain salts at different stages of its development. These are homeopathic dilutions at the 6x potency and are not the same as vitamin tablets: they are completely safe at any stage of pregnancy. Ask us about this if you are interested. Read More...


In partnership with your homeopath, it is possible to anticipate the remedies that you may need during and after labour. Your number one remedy will be Arnica 200c, yet different remedies may be needed as labour is a very dynamic process.

Post Partum:

Recovering from the birth is open-ended. The most immediate remedies needed are likely to be: Arnica, Bellis Perennis, Calendula and Hypericum. Your emotional needs will be more individually prescribed for by your homeopath. There are many remedies with a strong affinity to the hormonal changes of this time.

Post Partum and for Life!

Your remedy kit (and your relationship with your homeopath) will support you through life's wonderful journey. What job is more important than raising a healthy next generation?