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    Ros is based in Camberwell, South London and is a well-known and experienced practitioner. Contact Ros

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    Veronica is an experienced and intuitive homeopath practising in London and Brighton. Contact Veronica

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The following unsolicited testimonials are a reflection of the truth of our patients’ experience.They were written with care, from the heart. The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) has however advised us that we are not allowed to publish them in an unedited fashion. We have therefore redacted the names of complaints which our patients feel have been successfully treated by homeopathy. As holistic practitioners we have never implied that we use homeopathy to treat named ailments; it is always the person.

"The point is, who cares what the remedies are, if the healing is natural? The remedies don't really have any effect on the body other than to trigger the Vital Force to react. Once it reacts, healing takes place from within, directed by the Vital Force. That is, we heal ourselves, and that is the most natural kind of healing." 1997, The American Homeopath's review of Dr Mirman’ leaflet "What the Hell is Homeopathy?"

What some people have said:

"I met Veronica Rago nearly 4 years ago through a recommendation, when my friend (a GP!) suggested that homeopathy may help my then very ill baby boy. He was diagnosed with xxx xxx with suspected xxxx at 5 days old and the outlook was grim. He was hospitalised and given huge doses of intravenous antibiotics for 10 days and then orally for 2 months. As a result all the flora in his gut was killed off and this in turn meant that he could not digest even breastfed milk and had dreadful xxxx. ..... He screamed constantly for 6 months and I had no more than 2 hours' sleep each night. We were both in a very bad way. I met Veronica at this time.

Veronica prescribed Alex xxxx in our second consultation and at that moment, Alex literally stopped screaming. He then had a full feed and slept solidly for 4 hours for the first time in almost 6 months. The next day we saw his first smile. It was truly amazing. Veronica has also been a great help to our whole family. I have a 6 year old daughter who suffers from xxxxx xxxxx and xxxxx and Veronica has been amazing at peeling back all the layers to her health problems and addressing them individually. In emergencies she has been a fantastic support and the remedies she has prescribed to my daughter have given immediate relief. We are now treating my daughter with a long-term outlook to her health and I have great hopes. She has successfully treated the whole family for a whole range of different ailments.

I can sincerely recommend Veronica as being a very caring and genuine person. As a Homeopathic Practitioner, she is so good at what she does and I have seen the results time and time again."

TL, London

"I have been registered with the Maya Homeopathic Practice since 2000. In that time I have not had to visit my GP. I feel that I've responded well to many Homeopathic remedies that Veronica has prescribed. ... I've also used Homeopathy to support my xxxx xxxxx. Veronica is holistic in her approach. She takes a life picture in each consultation before prescribing; so remedies are personalized to me.

Working alongside Veronica she has helped me to realise that my health is my responsibility and has encouraged me to develop good healthy living.
I could not recommend Veronica highly enough for her dedication, her commitment to Homeopathy and its principles, her professionalism and encouragement."

HK, Stoke Newington

"Most of us dream of winning the lottery. I won the lottery when I met Ros my homeopath over 14 years ago. I have xxxxx for which there is no cure, only drugs such as steroids.
We all have a guardian angel. Mine is my homeopath. She doesn't have wings but she keeps me flying in the right direction, with her expert knowledge of keeping me healthy without harmful drugs."

HJ, South-East London

"I was first introduced to the Maya Homeopathic Practice in January 2005 when I brought along one of my sons who was suffering from xxxxxx. Now all the family are registered - my husband and I and our four children (1, 4, 6, 8 years old) have been treated for a whole range of conditions.
Looking back over the time, something that stands out is that we rarely go to the doctor anymore or have to take antibiotics. We have used homeopathic remedies for xxxxx, xxxxx and for all sorts of first aid instances. I found it helpful during and after pregnancy and wonderful at addressing the problems one can encounter with a young baby.

What I did not expect from homeopathy is the way it seems to address the emotional symptoms as well - and this I have found of huge value. For instance the children have been given remedies if they are particularly worried and fearful, clingy or angry and this approach of dealing with the whole picture - both mental and physical - has been very positive for us.
We have taken advantage of the service offered on The Family Budget Scheme. The service is great - we get a monthly visit and then can phone up during the week to check in and give feedback on treatment given. The remedies can also be altered if needed and new ones sent to us in the post. It is a very supportive practice and I feel I can phone in or text as soon as something crops up and am always given very useful and sympathetic advice."

JG, South London

"My family and I have been seeing Ros for over 8 years now; she is a professional and sympathetic homeopathic practitioner who has become an extremely important part of my family’s health and wellbeing.
She has seen us through most health problems, xxxxx, xxxxxx, xxxxx and xxxx and more recently, through xxxxxxx. Ros is very warm and giving. My children love going to see her, it is one of the few places they go where being lively and bouncy is welcomed! They have such healthy constitutions now, they very rarely fall ill and when they do it is short- lived.

I myself have never felt better. I am 2 years in remission from xxxxx xxxxxx and on comparing notes with others I have come to realise that the holistic care I took of myself was largely thanks to Ros; she gave me more than homeopathy during this difficult time, she gave me advice on how to manage the strenuous treatments, how to keep smiling, encouragement to scream and shout and cry and also tips on how to keep my pecker up, she was and is quite wonderful."

Nicola and Family, SE London.

"Dear Veronica,
You have been my homeopath since about 1998, treating my whole family: 3 boys aged between 12 and 8, myself, and at times my husband and extended family!
You have been and continue to be a huge support in our lives, I had used homeopathy and homeopaths for many years before I met you, however I had never met a practitioner with so much compassion, intuition and patience, sometimes me and my friends agree, you often know us better than we know ourselves, (and to be honest, at times that was hard to cope with!)
Aside from dealing with the every trials and tribulations of life, you have also supported us through some major life changes. The journeys that you have guided us through are too numerous to mention, but include you nurturing me through a massive metamorphosis that was accelerated by your skills and numerous remedies. That was really exciting, to see how the remedies speeded up detox symptoms was amazing. I'll never forget the xxxxx popping up and dropping off within days! wow! Not to mention the emotional and spiritual level that the remedies work on.

After discovering you, I sent my friends to 'this AMAZING' homeopath, they are all still with you too, and now I recommend you to my clients.And of course there is the practical side, remedies magically arriving in the post, convenient calling in times, different locations and varying visiting times and reasonable charges.
Veronica, "Strong in the 'FORCE' she is!"

Thank you from my heart - from an always grateful, always amazed and always in awe."

AM, Beckenham

"When my son was about 18 months old, he started to bite me quite often. I tried different tactics to make him stop, but nothing seemed to work and in fact it got worse, up to the point where he might bite me twenty times in a day. Obviously, this was distressing for me and made our relationship difficult as I couldn't help backing away physically when I thought he might do it.

Often, I have found that homeopathy is not a 'magic cure' but a gentle, gradual process that does yield results over time. In this case, my son had one remedy and the biting stopped. It was such a relief. He did have a follow up some time later, when a xxxx seemed to set him back and he started to bite again. Again, after the remedy he stopped completely.

This was one example where my son seemed to be stuck in cycle of behaviour and the remedy helped him to get past this."

RR, New Cross

"After 35 years of smoking, I decided I needed to stop for my health. I had managed to cut down to about seven a day but could never stop altogether.

When I went to my GP's surgery they wanted to give me patches, but that dose of nicotine would have been greater than the amount I was getting from cigarettes!

I had no idea that Homeopathy could offer support with this. I had a chat with Veronica who was able to give me good advice and the remedies she gave me enabled me to quit smoking with relative ease. She even had a remedy for me to take whenever I had a craving for a cigarette.
Homeopathy was the best solution for me to quit smoking. Nine months later, I no longer have cravings, I can't stand being in a smoky environment and I have an awareness that I would use cigarettes to suppress my anger.

The benefits are not just on a physical level but also on an emotional level as I am now able to express my feelings more."

SW, Kent

"Our family have had several homeopaths but none so committed and intuitive as Veronica. She really listens, understands and manages to find just the right remedy to really hit the spot. I have recommended her to all my friends - and will continue to do so. Thank you Veronica!"

S.T. South London