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Useful Pages

Storing Your Remedies

There’s a lot of misconception about remedies being very delicate. Actually remedies last for years, well beyond any ”sell by” dates which legally have to be stamped on them. The first remedy kits in the USA were packed into wagons and sent on the great treks west by settlers where they survived years of frosts, heatwaves and floods. They came into their own in countless domestic emergencies.

Where to put remedies

In our more well provided houses the problem can be simply losing remedies. It’s best to store them away from other things with strong smells, perhaps in a plastic picnic box. Preferably out of reach of children, not because they will come to harm from eating them (they are temptingly sweet), but because it is a nuisance having to replace your emergency kit. Some people with lots of remedies in tiny plastic bags find it useful to have a mini-file with alphabetic cards to divide them up and make them more accessible.

What to avoid

X-rays at airports do seem to affect the strength of remedies. Also strong oils such as camphor oil, tiger balm, Vicks chest rub, mothballs and Olbas oil definitely antidote. Other milder oils such as lavender are less likely to do so. Prolonged heat as in boiling in water or dishwashing, will clean up glassware and remove remedies.