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    Ros Floyd RSHom

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    Ros is based in Camberwell and is an all-round, highly supportive practitioner. Contact Ros

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    Veronica Rago RSHom

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    Veronica is an experienced and intuitive homeopath practising in London and Brighton. Contact Veronica

Useful Pages

What is homeopathy and how is it different from conventional medicine?

Dr Dana Ullman, M.D. gives a clear and straightforward explanation of what homeopathy is and its basic underlying concepts

Why should I believe it works?

This video gives a strident defence of the good qualities of homeopathy and talks about why it has to be seen to be believed.

What is the homeopathic process and is it more than the placebo effect?

David Mundy talks on the homeopathic process and the placebo effect

Is there any scientific basis for homeopathy?

Rustum Roy, PhD discusses evidence that the structure of water molecules is changed during remedy preparation

You can watch other professionally filmed videos about homeopathy on YouTube at: