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Skin Problems and Homeopathic Treatment

The right remedy for you will be a holistic prescription addressing your constitution and and not merely addressing skin symptoms. As the inner wellbeing improves in response to the homeopathic remedy, the formerly-suppressed symptom will most likely be expressed; the skin may well erupt, to then, ultimately heal. Typically, the longer a symptom has been suppressed the longer it will take to heal. In addition to the indicated remedy, there are various considerations when trying to heal a skin condition. Most of these are commonly understood to optimise health and wellbeing; supporting the action of the remedy and providing a general ‘de-tox’. Other suggestions are alternatives to suppressive medication such as hydrocortisone and antibiotics.

Diet and Nutrition

It is important that the diet is internally cleansing: Avoid processed food and products containing preservatives, additives and artificial colouring. Replace all refined products with whole foods, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Also try to avoid or limit:

  • White sugar and salt
  • Rich foods and fried foods
  • Dairy milk. This can be substituted with goat, rice, oat or soya milks
  • Flesh foods especially red meat. A good substitute is oily fish like mackerel
  • Stimulants. These may produce heat and irritation: coffee, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, spices and strong tea for example.

Fluid Intake:

Try to drink plenty of water, fruit and veg juices and herbal teas

Regular Bowel Action:

Constipation will aggravate any skin condition but try to substitute laxative use with adequate exercise, rest, fluids and a wholesome diet. Try starting the day with oats (cooked as porridge or raw and soaked over-night) adding seeds, fruit (fresh, stewed or dried) and molasses if you wish, but make it bountiful!


Not only is aluminium highly toxic and linked to Alzheimer’s, it also has a dehydrating effect. Food will absorb the aluminum from these sort of pots and pans and dry the skin and the bowel; aggravating constipation. Most anti-perspirants contain aluminium so always check the ingredients.


The condition of the child’s skin will have the best chance of improving if the mother considers all the above for herself. Formula Milk (Dairy) can be substituted with ‘Nanny’ (Goat) formula by ‘Vitacare’ or with a rice milk formula for example.


Clothing needs to allow the skin to breathe. Light cottons being preferable to synthetics. You may also find that wool next to the skin is aggravating.


One of the first considerations if there is a flare up of a skin condition is whether there has been any change in detergent, soap, bath product or lotions. Most detergents are particularly harsh on the skin.

To calm and soothe the skin:

Chamomile Tea can be added to a bath. Or kept in the fridge and dabbed on any irritated or red areas with cotton wool to cool and calm. Raw Oats can be put in a muslin or net bag and hung under the running bath tap.

Topical Treatments:

Whilst steroid creams ‘clear’ the skin impressively, this action is merely suppressing the symptom and not addressing the root cause of the problem. Long term use of these can set up more chronic conditions, for example when eczema is suppressed, the condition of the lungs is typically compromised and asthmatic symptoms arise. Wherever the skin has become broken, raw or sore use CALENDULA ointment. If the skin is cracked then Calendula combined with Graphites ointment is even better. Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy has a particularly good product: Tel: 01892 537 254. Also highly recommended: S.O.S. cream by Barefoot Botanicals


These are to be avoided and are found in a variety of everyday products - creams, lotions, deodorants, toothpaste for example. Check the ingredients - an estimated 90% of cosmetic products include parabens.

By way of reassurance………

A skin condition is not caused by lifestyle; there needs to be an innate susceptibility. It is these susceptibilities that are addressed by the constitutional homeopathic remedy. However, each individual can be aggravated by and be sensitive to a number of factors. It is these that are considered by the suggestions above.